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Habitat for Humanity

Posted on: May 11th, 2015 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Clearing of 3.4 Acres, Staking & Layout, Stripping of Topsoil, Building Pad – Import 42″ Sect Fill with 5′ Overbuild, Fine grade Paving Sub-grade, Stabilize with 6% Lime, rough grade Sidewalks and Misc. Flatwork, Backfill all Greenbelt areas after concrete is poured.

Address: 9407 SH 242, Conroe, TX 77385

General Contractor: SLI Construction  http://www.sligroup.com/

Date Started: 5/4/2015

Work Duration: 1 Month


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FMC – Beamer

Posted on: March 26th, 2015 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Staking & Layout, Stripping of Topsoil – 1.36 Acres, Furnish & Install Underground Detention System (ADS Stormtech Chambers), Import select fill material for 11,470 SF Building Pad (Min 3′ depth w/ 5′ Overbuild), Import min 1′ of select fill for paving subgrade and fine grade, rough grade Sidewalks and Misc. Flatwork, Backfill all Greenbelt areas after concrete is poured.

Address: 13003 Beamer Rd, Houston, TX 77089

General Contractor: Prodel Construction

Date Started: 3/26/2015

Work Duration: 2 Months


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Landry’s 33 Story Hotel

Posted on: January 1st, 2015 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Install temporary parking for employees, install lay down yard for job site trailers and materials, install 1120 LF – 8′ x 4′ Box Culvert for underground detention, install all underground utilities (Storm, Sanitary, Water, Gas).  More scope TBD.

Address: 1600 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027

General Contractor: Landry’s

Date Started: 11/20/2014

Work Duration: 6 months

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Windfern Business Park

Posted on: October 23rd, 2014 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Staking & Layout, Stripping of Topsoil – 5.14 Acres, Excavate onsite detention pond, and use approved select fill material for 3 Building Pads (17,100 SF Each), grade paving subgrade and stabilizate, rough grade Sidewalks and Misc. Flatwork, Backfill all Greenbelt areas after concrete is poured.

Address: 12014, 12022, 12036 Windfern Dr, Houston, TX 77064
General Contractor: BTS Construction, http://builderstechnicalservices.com/
Date Started: 10/22/2014
Work Duration: 1 Month


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World Champions Centre

Posted on: June 24th, 2014 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Strip to six inches of topsoil from site (4.07 Acres), Import Select Fill for 49,695 SF Building Pad ( Minimum 24″ w/ 3′ Overbuild), Grade paving subgrade and stabilize, rough grade sidewalks, and backfill greenbelt areas after paving and curbs are poured.

Address: 28865 Birnham Woods Dr, Spring, TX

General Contractor: LDF Construction, http://ldfconstruction.com

Date Started: 6/24/2014

Work Duration:  3 months, *delayed due to re-engineering


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Knapp Chevrolet Showroom and Parking Addition

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Building Pad: 7,130 sq. ft., Excavate, Haul in and Install Select Fill Material (Min. 36 in minimum thickness w/ 5 ft. overbuild), Concrete Paving Areas: 52,505 sq. ft., Remove old piers and concrete rubble from subgrade, Stabilization of Paving Sub-grade with Lime Slurry,  Grade sidewalks and greenbelt areas

Address: 815 Houston Ave, Houston, TX 77007
General Contractor: TEAL Construction, http://tealcon.com
Date Started: 4/17/2014
Construction Timeline:  10 Months, 4 Phases


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Wedgewood Detention Pond & Storm Sewer

Posted on: January 6th, 2014 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Clear and grub all disturbed areas, Excavate & Grade Detention Pond, approximately 7,500 Cubic Yards of Cut, removal of 5,000 cubic yards from site, furnish and install protective riprap, hydro-mulch all disturbed areas on the site, provide and install pond outfall including 18″ RCP culvert and concrete interlocking block, furnish and install 390 LF – 36″ HDPE Storm Pipe, and tie into existing Inlet.

Address: The Estates of Wedgewood Falls, Conroe, TX
General Contractor: Bleyl & Associates, http://www.bleylengineering.com/
Date Started: 12/12/2013
Work Duration: 5 weeks


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Carmax #7116 Storage Lot & Detention

Posted on: August 26th, 2013 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Job Size – 2.54 Acres, Staking & Layout, Stripping of Topsoil, Saw Cut & Remove 675′ – Curb & Gutter, Excavate an average 1.95′ in proposed parking lot area(88,650 SF), furnish and install storm sewer(30’ – 30” HDPE, 210′ – 15″ HDPE, 4 – Type C Manholes)Proof Roll, Stabilization of Paving Sub-grade with Lime Slurry, 735′ – Curb & Gutter, 14 – Light Pole Bases, 8″ Crushed Stone Base, Asphalt Topping & Sealcoat, Excavate and Grade Retention Basin(20,095 SF), Backfill in all Greenbelt areas, Haul off all excess dirt.

Address: 13100 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034
General Contractor: Teal Construction  http://tealcon.com
Date Started: 8/26/2013
Work Duration: 3 Months


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Klein ISD Agri-Science Facility

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: To provide all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to perform all of the site demolition, detention pond and barn addition dirt work, swale work, storm sewer system, and lift station.  Detention Pond size – 0.9 Acres, clearing of trees and underbrush, excavate and grade, fine grade and compact, install riprap extreme overflow.  Use dirt from the detention pond to raise the 6 barn addition pad locations, fine grade and compact.  Storm system consisted of 64′ – 18″ HDPE, 164′ – 2″ Force Main, 5 – Headwalls, and 13′ Deep Lift Station.

Address: 6747 Klein Cemetary Rd., Klein, TX 77379
General Contractor: DT Construction http://dt-construction.com
Date Started: 6/10/2013
Work Duration: 1 Month

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Willis Fire Station # 94

Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Drake Construction

Scope of Work: Staking & Layout, Stripping of Topsoil – 1.5 Acres, Storm Drainage at Entrance (70’ – 18” RCP, 2 – Safety End Treatments), Cut, Proof Roll, Select Fill Placement for Building Pad, Stabilization of Paving Subgrade, Grade for Sidewalks and Misc. Flatwork, Backfill in all Greenbelt areas

Address: 13701 FM 1097, Willis, TX 77318
General Contractor: LDF Construction. http://ldfconstruction.com
Date Started: 3/18/2013
Work Duration: 2 Weeks


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